What is Social Media for and how do I utilize it to actually increase revenue?

This is the question of the decade. As a matter of fact most social media companies don’t even have the answer to the question. For example Instagram is one of the most successful Internet startups ever, and it never made a penny before it was bought up by Facebook. Actually making money with these things is tough, but the benefit from them CAN be used by local businesses by using a simple old fashioned strategy: BUILD COMMUNITY!  View the video to the right to see why we want to use community building in your advertising.

Your customers are a community. How do you communicate with them? For most businesses the answer to this question is “I talk to them when they come in or interact with my services”. That’s fine, but you have no control over it, you are beholden to the customer to make contact with you. Our philosophy on Social Media is that it is a great tool to build up your community and talk to them more directly. And by giving them good content that they are most interested in GROWING that community and picking up new customers. This is the correct way to utilize Social Media in a new economy.

Can you advertise on Social Media and be effective? Sure, to a degree. However your best use case is to simply use the tool for what it was designed for: to build community!  We can help you to design a strategy to do exactly that