Experience is the Difference

With technology changing at light speed in all aspects of our lives, it is a major time investment to keep up with these changes and how you can use different technologies as a business owner. However, this is not your job. Allowing an expert in the field to help you navigate these waters is the best investment of your marketing budget!

Local Knowledge and Service

Focused on Local Small Business, with the capability of handling one of the largest advertisers in the State, CK Miller Designs, Inc. exists to help you grow your business utilizing all of the most current advertising techniques.

Web Design

You need a website no matter what business you are. What used to happen with a phone book or the yellow pages now exists on the web.

An affordable option

For the price of a small newspaper ad for a month, you can have a fully functional web site that will be up and running for an entire year. This allows you to then make smaller ads that point to your web site where YOU control the message!
Web Design Services
  • Business Web Sites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay per Click Advertising
  • Online Store Setup
Social Media to Build your Business
  • Facebook Advertising and Posting
  • Instagram Advertising and Posting
  • The folly of Twitter
  • Benefits of building your audience
  • Local Evangelists are great!
Video is KING!
  • Local Video production for commercials or short or long form videos
  • Ideas to promote your own videos
  • How to utilize the “Live Web” to build your audience