“Why do I need a web site?”  Usually followed up with the comment, “I’m on Facebook…”

No one looks at your Facebook page, or your Twitter profile, or probably your blog either.  Folks go there once, like it or follow it or something and then never see it again.  Most of these social media venues are a type of news feeds, meaning that your posts are in front of the audience for a bit after you make it, then it disappears.  Very useful, but not a landing place with a solid marketing message.  That is your web site.

Your web presence allows you to customize exactly what kind of message your customers will see. Do you need to sell product online with a massive catalog, or do you simply need to show folks why it is important to visit your place of business? Are there services you provide that sets you apart from your competition? Do you have a community that you want your customers to know about? All of these questions and many more can be answered much more affordably than ever before by a simple web presence that is well defined and set up in a way that it is easily found.

However, regular advertising methods are still both necessary and effective. Once you have a presence on the web that represents who you are and what you do, then all of your other advertising simply points in THAT direction. Web content is easily changed, quickly updated, and readily accepted in today’s economy as a reassurance that you are competent and well established.

The bare minimum that you need on the web is a “brochure” web site that consists of:

Home Page – kind of like a magazine cover that in a glance shows who you are and what you do, and why I should care as a customer

About Page – this is a “feel good” section that tells why you do what you do and what makes you different

Products or Services Page(s) – the purpose is obvious, but this can go from a simple listing of services to an online catalog for online sales

Contact Us – This can be a form requesting specific information, or allowing questions, or actually grabbing sales leads for you. It can be completely customized or simply be an email portal for a potential customer to get in touch with you.

From this idea you can get as complicated as you would like, from designing your own smart-phone applications or focusing on ways to utilize tablets for your business. The world is changing, and it is changing quickly!!

Video Presence

We also highly recommend that you place some type of web video about your business directly on your web site, whether this is actual commercials that you have produced or long form videos with great detail and depth. The current currency of the internet IS video. Combined with a strong community building presence in social media, this is the “Perfect Storm” of marketing on the web! Click here to see how we use video to encourage community building in your advertising.

Basic Web Package

Includes a full design with domain name registration, all graphic design, proofs and changes to get you live and running with your new fresh smelling site. Up to 5 pages including: Home, About, Services, Contact Us as shown above.

Package: $750