Second Presbyterian Church

Lexington, NC

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200 Cotton Grove Road

Lexington, NC 27292

(336) 248-4227

Ministries of Care and Compassion

 Second Presbyterian embraces a ministry of compassion and dedication to love of  neighbor.  Our task as the people of God is not to judge but to love; not to change others so they  “fit in” but to provide an environment for God to redeem and transform all our lives.  We are all  sinners saved by grace, we are all on a journey of faith and we need one another. Our ministries  of care and compassion extend beyond the walls of the church and into the community and world.


 Our Ministries of Care Include:


  Pastoral Care and Counseling provided by our minister

  Visitation and card ministry

  Prayer Ministry

  Welcome and Follow-up with our visitors

  Fellowship Opportunities for all ages


If we can be of assistance to you please give us a call!


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