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CAP/DA stands for the Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults.  It is a special Medicaid program that saves money by allowing people to get services so that they can stay at home at a lower cost than nursing facility placement.  CAP/DA is an alternative to nursing home care for adults who:


·         Are 18 or over

·         Live in Davidson County

·         Require Nursing Home Level of Care

·         Meet financial criteria

·         Have family or friends willing to help make sure his or her needs are met


Click for more information about CAP/DA: Division of Medical Assistance


Financial Criteria


CAP/DA is intended for individuals who have very limited financial resources.  They must be eligible for Medicaid.  Medicaid eligibility for CAP/DA differs from regular Medicaid because the income and assets of the potential participant are counted, not the income of the family or spouse.




Some of the services provided by CAP/DA include:


·         More extensive in-home care

·         Adult Day Health

·         Nutritional Supplements

·         Incontinence Products

·         Case Management

·         Personal Emergency Response Services

·         Any regular Medicaid services that the person is entitled to




CAP/DA cannot provide 24 hour care for someone who requires it.  Family and or/friend support is a requirement to participate in the program. All of the services that Medicaid provides must be within a cost limit.  There is a waiting list for CAP/DA and services cannot be started right away.  For individuals with incomes exceeding the Medicaid limit, there may be significant financial cost to participate in CAP/DA.

How to Apply for CAP/DA


At this time, there is a waiting list for CAP/DA.  In order to be placed on the waiting list, please call 336-859-5555.

You may also complete the intake form.

Intake Form in MS Word

Intake Form in Adobe PDF

This form may be faxed to Supportive Care Solutions at 336-859-8105 or mailed to Supportive Care Solutions, PO Box 668, Denton, NC 27239.



MFP program


For potential CAP/DA participants who are currently in a facility, the MFP program is an option.  MFP stands for Money Follows the Person.  If someone has been in a facility for more than 3 months and is eligible for MFP, he or she will not be placed on a waiting list for CAP/DA.  He or she will be evaluated for CAP/DA prior to being transitioned from the nursing home.


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Medicaid Eligibility


A person must qualify for Medicaid in order to receive CAP/DA. For more information about Medicaid, please call the Davidson County Department of Social Services at 336-242-2500. Ask to speak to someone in long-term care Medicaid and make sure to tell the eligibility worker that you are interested in CAP/DA Medicaid.


For more information about Medicaid: Davidson County Department of Social Services



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