Our Pilot Programs:

After putting QuickSilver into service in 2013, we began looking for a few other centers to install the system into as a test bed for a more robust set of objectives.  We are now running in seven centers and have taken the application out of beta and are ready to begin adding new centers to the mix. Here is a little information on our pilot programs.

The Life Center of Davidson County:

The Life Center is licensed to serve 65 participants on a daily basis and averages between 38 and 50 participants each day. Seventy percent (70%) of our current participants have a primary diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or dementia and 100% have some type of physical limitation. Because of our participants' mental and physical limitations, our staff must provide close supervision and hands on care. The focus of The Life Center's programming is designed to provide a home away from home for the participants. The center gives participants a safe and loving environment where they are not only well cared for but can continue to learn, grow and develop. The programming is intended to add depth, health and joy to the participants' lives.


The massive amount of required paperwork results in less time spent with participants, a greater risk of mistakes and inaccuracies and higher costs associated with staff time. In order to better fulfill the mission of The Life Center of Davidson County, Inc., a software application has been created that allows staff to spend more time caring for participants and less time on procedural paperwork. The Life Center designed and developed a new software program that enables staff to document activities, input billing information and access health information of the participants through hand held touch screen devices. Code named Quicksilver, this database utilizes the ease and functionality around touch screens, specifically the iPad, iPad Mini and the iPod Touch. It also has a powerful PC interface that allows great flexibility in searching for and presenting information about participant activities.


The Life Center owns the Copyright to QuickSilver Software and has licensed CKMiller Designs, Inc., the original developer, to provide it as a service to other centers.

Skylark Senior Care, GA:

2 Centers in Johns Creek and Powers Ferry Georgia


At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person. Just as the Skylark bird is unique in its song-flight, each senior has unique needs therefore we work one-on-one with each senior and their family to create a joyful experience, in our centers, in the community and at home.


We care for amazing individuals. They have been teachers, business people, firemen, Veterans, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. They are loved. In their lifetime, our seniors have experienced some of the most influential events that shape our world today. Their stories inspire us to help them hold on to their memories and lead a full life.

Care Partners, NC:

4 Centers Around Asheville, NC


At CarePartners Adult Care, our goal is to help aging and impaired adults to live healthy, engaged lives – and to help their caregivers find the resources they need to balance their own lives with caring for a loved one.


Whether we’re helping manage medications and doctor visits, creating opportunities to socialize with other adults, or providing a safe and friendly environment for adults during the day, our Adult Care experts are committed to treating each patient with compassion, understanding and respect.

In October 2014, CarePartners Adult Day Services received the 2014 Outstanding Adult Day Center Award from the National Adult Day Services Association at its convention in Charlotte. CarePartners was one of only two centers in the nation to receive this prestigious award which recognizes the exceptional care provided to our participants every day.


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