We strive to decrease the work flow barriers to hands-on care of adults in day programs while at the same time increasing the level of care...

The QuickSilver Story:

QuickSilver is the AWARD WINNING software package developed for Adult Day Health and Care service providers.  The application was created in order to maximize the time that your staff can focus on your participants rather than paperwork and tracking down paper logs. It also spreads the labor of data entry out to the entire staff and makes it a seamless part of the every day work flow.


Sample Information that is Tracked:


  Attendance  Bladder and Bowel Activity  Bathing / Hair / Hygiene  Hydration  Meals and Snacks  Exercise and Activities

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Tablet based software for participant care logs, billing, attendance, and basic Electronic Health Records

Separate medical module for charting every-day care, medications administration, and monthly progress/chart entries

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Data is gathered by the staff as they go through their day, and the desktop version has powerful reporting and administration capabilities

The program also features a section for use by the medical staff of the center with basic Electronic Health Records functionality.  Some of these charting options are:


  Medication Orders  Allergies / Special Conditions  Special Orders  Medical Charts for Facility  Level of Care


The application is designed to be highly customizable to the needs of the individual center, and is as much a service as a product.

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