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Fairytales Bridal


This is your Tale.


 It’s about her happiness, his love, her passion, his commitment, her childlike innocence, his instinct to protect, your adventures, and the other countless magical moments that tell your story. Fairtyales Bridal™ is Magic and “The Magic is You”™


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ASPIRI Diamonds


Aspiri Diamond - Make A Bigger Statement

Get the bigger look you want now at a price within reach. Our breakthrough ASPIRI cut delivers a gorgeous center diamond that looks 25% to 50% larger than a similar diamond of equal carat weight


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The Caro74 collection features over 200 engagement rings and wedding bands with our patented 74 faceted cut diamonds.


When translated from Italian to English, the word "caro" means beloved. Express your love to your beloved with the extraordinary Caro74 diamond.


What differentiates the Caro74 round brilliant diamond from common 58 faceted diamonds is the cut; the Caro74 diamond features an additional 16 facets on the pavilion (the lower half of the diamond). The result is additional sparkle, fire and brillianc...e which is proven and certified by an independent GemEx laboratory light performance report.


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Experience the Look of Love with the Valina Bridal Collection!


The Look of Love refers to the eternal promise made by a couple on their wedding day. This is represented by our signature diamond set on the side of the ring shanks. When the engagement ring and band are worn together, the two diamonds line up, signifying the joining of the couples lives together!


This exciting collection allows you to purchase a designer engagement ring without sacrificing quality or style. Valina Bridals offer the look of designer engagement rings without having to pay the designer price!


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Artcarved Bridal produces the highest quality rings for couples that reflect not only their enduring love and commitment, but also their personalities and spirit.


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Over a century ago the skilled ArtCarved artisans created the first seamless wedding rings- allowing for greatest comfort and fit. Innovation continued with the introduction of "carved" wedding rings opening up a new world of design detail and styling. Today, ArtCarved is a modern classic, displaying the same spirit and style that have been synonymous with quality, innovation and leadership for 160 years.


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